English for Back of House

Your Profile

As BOH staff, you keep everything running smoothly behind-the-scenes. You may work in an office-based role, in the hotel kitchen, in the maintenance or security department or in the hotel grounds.

Your Course

Our English for BOH course offers different language focuses for different BOH roles.

Your Goals

Together we will set your English language learning goals and we will ensure that you achieve them. Here are some examples:

✅ You will be better able to make presentations in English. (Marketing and Sales).

✅ To be better able to write accurate and polite E-mails in English to guests and business partners. (Office Staff).

✅ To become more confident when speaking English with guests. (Security and Gardeners).

Your Lessons

Transactional English! We will practise the English language you need to better understand and respond politely when speaking with guests.

Interactional English! We will practise the English language you need to build and maintain relationships with guests. This includes a small talk and having a polite and natural conversation in English.

Let’s role-play! We will practise a series of role-plays which simulate your daily English interactions with guests. We will also use practical tasks such as writing business E-mails and making business presentations.

Pronunciation Workshop: It’s not only what you say, but how you say it!

We will improve your accent by practising intonation, sentence stress and rhythm using innovative teaching techniques.

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Group: 2+ students

Price per hour per student from

$20 £14 €16