English for Butlers

Your Profile

As a butler, you are a highly trained team member who ensures a positive guest experience and always makes a memorable first impression. You showcase your hotel and your personalised service and inform guests about all aspects of their room and their stay. You are able to connect with people with professionalism and politeness and you are incredibly efficient.

Your Course

Our English for Butlers course will improve your English speaking and listening skills through real-life role-plays and study tasks in English. We will also practise your writing to make sure your messages in English to guests are accurate and polite.

Your Goals

Together we will set your English language learning goals and we will ensure that you achieve them. Here are some examples:

✅ To be better able to make polite offers, polite suggestions and use welcoming expressions and friendly intonation to make guests feel comfortable.

✅ To better understand complicated instructions in English.

✅ To be better able to conduct tours of guests’ rooms and facilities in English using a range of words and phrases and with the appropriate politeness.

✅ To be better able to write short, informative messages in English to guests via text message or E-mail.

Your Lessons

Transactional English! We will practise the English language you need to get your job done. This includes making polite offers and suggestions, understanding complex and specific instructions and welcoming guests in a polite and memorable way.

Interactional English! We will practise the English language you need to build and maintain relationships with guests. This includes a small talk and having a polite and natural conversation in English.

Let’s role-play! We will practise a series of role-plays which simulate your daily English interactions with guests. These include using English to give a private tour, dealing with special requests and serving food and beverages to guests.

Pronunciation Workshop:  t’s not only what you say, but how you say it!

We will improve your accent by practising intonation, sentence stress and rhythm using innovative teaching techniques.

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Group: 2+ students

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