English for Event Managers

Your Profile

You are an efficient multi-tasker1 and troubleshooter2 with boundless3 energy, excellent people skills and amazing creativity. You have incredible attention to detail, organisational skills and your job always keeps you on your toe4!

Your Course

Our English for Event Managers course will improve your English language skills in specific, real-life work situations.

Your Goals

Together we will set your English language learning goals and we will ensure that you achieve them. Here are some examples:

✅ To be better able to understand and respond to client queries and enquiries using polite, accurate English.

✅ To be better able to negotiate in English with clients, sponsors and vendors in a range of work specific situations.

✅ To be better able and more confident when making presentations in English to business partners, using natural pronunciation.

Your Lessons

Transactional English! We will practise the English language you need to do your job efficiently and professionally. This includes the language of presenting, accurately and naturally giving your opinions, politely agreeing and disagreeing in business meetings and responding to client queries.

Interactional English! We will practise the English language you need to have natural and polite conversations, including ‘small talk’ with clients, sponsors and vendors when attending networking events and business meetings.

Let’s role-play! We will practise a series of role-plays which simulate your daily English interactions. These include actively participating in business meetings, attending networking events and facing unpredictable situations and challenges.

E-mail Surgery: We will examine your E-mails and ensure they are appropriately formal, teaching you how to ask polite questions, make polite offers, requests and suggestions.

Pronunciation Workshop: It’s not only what you say, but how you say it!

We will improve your accent by practising intonation, sentence stress and rhythm using innovative teaching techniques.

GG Glossary

a multi-tasker1 – (noun) to manage many tasks at the same time

a troubleshooter2 – (noun) a person who finds solutions to problems

boundless3 – (adjective) unlimited

to keep someone on their toes4 – (idiom) to cause someone to be alert and ready to deal with problems.

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