English for Reception Staff

Your Profile

Being a member of the front-of-house team means that you are an excellent communicator with a positive and friendly outlook on life. You are professional at all times and always stay calm under pressure. You are also an outstanding multi-tasker with amazing attention to detail.

Your Course

Our English for Reception Staff course will extend your verbal and written communication skills in English as well as training your listening. You will practise and perfect your English in a range of real-life hotel situations.

Your Goals

Together we will set your English language learning goals and we will ensure that you achieve them. Here are some examples: 

✅ To be better able to deal with bookings in English: phone, E-mail or face-to-face.

✅ To improve my speaking and listening skills during guest check-in and check-out.

✅ To be better able to take and pass on messages in English to guests.

✅ To be better able to tell guests in English about hotel facilities and services and to understand and deal with special requests.

✅ To naturalise my English conversational skills when talking to guests about the local area/other common topics of conversation.

✅ To be better able to deal with complaints or problems in English.

Your Lessons

Transactional English! We will practise the English language you need to get your job done. This includes taking and passing on messages and telling guests about facilities and local amenities.

Interactional English! We will practise the English language you need to build and maintain relationships with guests. This includes a small talk and having a polite and natural conversation in English.

Let’s role-play! We will practise a series of role-plays which simulate your daily English interactions with guests. These include arrival and departure procedures, dealing with problems or complaints and social English.

Pronunciation Workshop: It’s not only what you say, but how you say it!

We will improve your accent by practising intonation, sentence stress and rhythm using innovative teaching techniques.

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Group: 2+ students

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