English for Restaurant Staff

Your Profile

You are a Hotel Restaurant Manager, a Hotel Chef, Head Waiter or Waiting staff. Your typical working day is filled with energy, imagination and individuality. You are passionate, hardworking and eager to make food service fantastic! Your English interactions will help shape a positive and memorable guest experience.

Your Course

We know you have always got a lot on your plate.1 Our English for Restaurant staff courses are built around you, your job and your English strengths and weaknesses to improve your language skills. 

Your Goals

Together we will set your English language learning goals and we will ensure that you achieve them. Here are some examples:

✅ To be better able to greet and serve guests in English using warm and friendly intonation and appropriate words and phrases.

✅ To be better able to explain the menu and individual dishes in English using accurate and polite English.

✅ To learn food words and phrases in English from your restaurant menu.

✅ To expand my range of adjectives to describe the dishes and ingredients I cook or serve to guests.

✅ To be better able to describe how a dish is sourced, prepared and cooked, using appropriate language and politeness.

Your Lessons

Transactional English! We will practise the English language you need to get your job done. This includes welcoming, seating and serving restaurant guests politely in English, describing dishes and ingredients and making polite suggestions and recommendations.

Interactional English! We will practise the English language you need to build and maintain relationships with guests. This includes a small talk and having a polite and natural conversation in English.

Let’s role-play! We will practise a series of role-plays which simulate your daily English interactions with guests. These include advising guests on food and beverages, serving dishes from your menu and dealing with problems and complaints politely and efficiently in English.

Pronunciation Workshop: It’s not only what you say, but how you say it!

We will improve your accent by practising intonation, sentence stress and rhythm using innovative teaching techniques.  

GG Glossary

Have a lot on your plate1 (idiom) – to be very busy

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