Being more polite
(Part Three)

  • The Grammar Goat - Being More Polite

Working in the hospitality industry, politeness is everything.

How can you be more polite in English?

Let’s check your answers from the last blog…

  1. What time do you want room service? →  I was wondering what time you would like1 room service?
  2. When do you need a wakeup call? →  Could you tell me when you require a wakeup call?
  3. Why did you choose our hotel? → I was wondering why you chose2 our hotel?
  4. How much do you want to pay? →  Do you have any idea how much you would like1 to pay?

1would like’ is more polite than ‘want’

2Remember to use the past simple

Look at this last example question:

Can you leave your passport at reception? → I was wondering if you could1 leave your passport at reception?

If there is no question word (wh-) then don’t forget to add ‘if’.

1We transform verbs into the past form when we want to create social distance, and be more polite.

Now try with these examples:

  1. Have you tried this dish before?
  2. Can you sign here?
  3. Do you prefer red wine or white wine?

As always, answers in the next blog…

Grammar Goat Key Words: 

would like, the past simple, social distance