Christmas Idioms

  • Christmas Idioms

Below are a selection of Christmas idioms.  The hospitality industry has had another tough year.  Let’s all hope that the festive season can put a smile on all our faces once again, reuniting families and setting a positive tone for the year to come!

Christmas comes but once a year

Said as an excuse to overindulge (eat or drink too much!)

“Would you like another drink?”

“Yes, please!  Christmas comes but once a year!”


Be in the Christmas spirit

To feel very happy because you are excited about Christmas

“It’s the end of November but I’m already in the Christmas spirit!”


Be my guest

A polite response to a request for something, giving someone permission to do something.

“Could I have the last piece of Christmas cake?

Yes, of course.  Please, be my guest.”


The more the merrier

The more people, the more enjoyable something will be.

“Shall I invite all the housekeeping team to the Christmas meal?

Yes, definitely.  The more the merrier!”


Be there with bells on

Said as an enthusiastic response to an invitation

“Are you coming to the Christmas party?”

“Of course!  I’ll be there with bells on!”


A White Christmas

A Christmas with snow.

“The weather forecast says we might have a white Christmas this year!”


Christmas came early

To receive unexpected good news

“Have you heard?  We are getting a bonus this year!  Christmas came early!”


From The Grammar Goat team, we wish you all a  very Happy Christmas and a heathy and prosperous 2022!