Green Education: The environmental benefits of online learning

There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed how the world thinks about online learning.  For individual students as well as businesses, online learning offers us convenience, reduced cost and a personalised experience.  As luxury hotels and hospitality businesses look to resume English language learning with their teams, online learning is interlinked with a sustainable, regenerative philosophy.

While there are pros and cons to virtual learning, I will present the environmental benefits of online learning for your hotel or hospitality business as our educational landscape evolves.


No Paper Waste


Online learning results in a huge decrease in paper waste.  Using digital learning materials removes the need for photocopying and paper handouts.  Less paper means more trees are saved.


Less Transport Emissions


In the virtual world of online learning, there is no need for transportation.  Carbon dioxide emissions from daily driving are reduced.  Not only are online courses a huge timesaver, they also help the planet.

Commuting or travelling to attend training can be stressful.  It can take time and it can cost money.  Online learning can be done from anywhere…well almost anywhere!  Employees can learning from home, eliminating the need to travel.  Each car trip not taken will reduce your carbon footprint and collectively within your hotel or hospitality business, reduce your environmental impact.


Reduced Energy Consumption


Instead of using a physical space for your employees to learn, online learning saves your energy usage, reducing your costs and energy consumption.  Not only that, virtual courses mean no additional food and accommodation costs, which can eat into your training budget, require more energy and create more waste.

These are the environmental benefits of online learning.  The educational benefits are also fantastic, leading to a convenient and stress-free learning environment, which can be accessed from almost anywhere!  The Grammar Goat provides live online English courses to upskill, onboard, refresh and motivate your hospitality teams.  From bartenders to gardeners, front of house to back of house.  Email us today or visit our website