New Year, New English Course!

The Learning Journey


“Learning any language is not a destination but a journey.” – Jean Brunet


As students of any language, we are often impatient.  We want a matrix-style upload which lets us be fluent and accurate within weeks of opening our textbook.  This is both unrealistic and impossible.  For learning a language takes time, dedication, patience and motivation.  The rewards can be unbelievable, both professionally and personally.  But the learning process is sometimes hard, long and takes time.


Dedicate a small amount of time every day to learn new vocabulary, revisit and practice grammar.  Give yourself real-life opportunities to speak English (both face-to-face and online).   Do not be afraid to make mistakes.  Making mistakes is part of any learning journey and through mistakes, we grow and become better.


Don’t give up.  Understand that learning a language is difficult.  Keep going!


Set realistic goals.  Don’t rush your learning and become impatient.  Like any learning, practice makes perfect.


Understand why you are learning English.  Keep this reason in your mind when you feel you are not making progress.

Relax and enjoy studying. Learning a new language can open up new possibilities;  discovering and experiencing new cultures and seeking out new professional opportunities. Learning another language gives us a new identity. Learning another language can be transformative, both personally and professionally.

“He who has two languages has two souls.” – Charlemagne


New Year, New English Course.

At the Grammar Goat, our teachers are experienced and highly qualified.  Their expertise lies not only in the English language, but also in how to learn a language.  All our courses are 100% personalised to you, our students.  Choose to study 1-1 or make a small closed group.  Browse our hospitality-specific courses or take a bespoke corporate course.  It will be our pleasure to guide you on your learning journey.