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Pillow Talk

Pillows come in all shapes and sizes from a firm tatami pillow to a hypoallergenic fluffy maternity pillow.

Today’s blog examines different types of pillows available to guests and also presents some useful adjectives to describe them.

The choice is yours…

✅  Anti-ageing:  Helps prevent wrinkles

✅ Hypoallergenic: Helps prevent allergic reactions

✅ Maternity: Supports the body during pregnancy

✅ Body: A large, long pillow which supports the body.  Good for ‘side’ sleepers

✅  Ecological / Eco (-friendly): Made of sustainable, eco-friendly materials


Now to that all important filling.  What is inside the pillow to give it its specific feel?  Here are three common pillow fillers.


Pillows and Bed Sheets

✅  Feather

✅  Goose / Duck down

✅  Memory Foam



Now to adjectives.

Adjectives are so important when presenting guests with any choice of amenity, yet pillows seem to be a particularly sensitive subject.

Badly describe a pillow choice and your guest may not sleep a wink.  And the last thing you need is a sleep deprived visitor to your reception desk in the early hours demanding a different pillow!

My top three pillow adjectives are:

✅ Firm:  Hard and solid.

Supports the head. A memory foam mattress is firm and cradles the head.

The opposite is soft.  Your head sinks into it.

✅ Plump: Well rounded and full.

Goose down pillows are typically extremely plump due to their larger clumps of down filling.

✅ Fluffy: Big, light and soft.

Feather / goose or duck down pillows are extremely fluffy.

Use our English language services to enhance your pillow menu, ensuring you meet guests’ sleep expectations and provide a sound night’s sleep for everyone.

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