/S/ophisticated /S/ocial Media Posts

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How can you write sublime and snappy social media posts in English which grab your audience’s attention?

How can you use English to transport their imaginations from the mundane and everyday to your little slice of paradise?

How can you evoke the images you want to really sell them your hotel experiences?

The answer is alliteration…

/S/ublime /S/ophisticated /S/ocial Media Posts

Creative use of language is one way to drag your audience headfirst into the world you have created.  The world of your hotel and all the unique experiences which you offer your guests.



Alliteration is an effective way to do this.  Especially with social media posts which must be sophisticated, succinct and imaginative.

Alliteration is eye-catching, it rolls off the tongue and it is memorable – all the perfect ingredients for a sublime and snappy social media post.

What is alliteration?

Alliteration is grouping words together which have the same first sound.

sublime snappy sophisticated succinct = /s/

In this week’s blog, we will look at how to use alliteration for every day of the week.  Give your audience a taste of what they could be doing with YOU on a Monday morning instead of their regular routine.

Here are a few alliterated ideas.  Our online English language courses are tailored to your hotel and the experiences you offer.  The following examples are generic but may appeal to you and your hotel’s guest experience.

Use an adjective, noun or imperative verb before the day of the week to create a striking noun phrase:

Alliterated Days of the Week

✅  Mojito Monday

✅  Take a Nap Tuesday

✅  Wine Wednesday

✅  Thank you Thursday

✅  Freediving Friday

✅  Sandals Saturday

✅  Sunset Sunday


What images do these alliterated noun phrases evoke?  Reread and think for a moment…now read on to see if you had the same mental pictures as me when I wrote them.


✅  Mojito Monday (a delicious ice cold cocktail)

✅  Take a nap Tuesday (someone asleep in a hammock)

✅  Wine Wednesday (a table for two with a bottle of red wine and two glasses)

✅  Thank you Thursday (a gift left on a guest’s bed)

✅  Freediving Friday (someone diving into the depths of the blue ocean)

✅  Sandals Saturday (a family walking to the beach)

✅  Sunset Sunday (a couple watching a romantic sunset)

These also make great hashtags.  Who can resist #mojitomonday?  I know I can’t! 🍹🍹🍹