Sweet Dreams

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Sweet Dreams

Getting your beauty sleep is important! And for guests it is paramount to their experience.  🛌

When guests turn in and hit the sack, we hope they go out like a light and sleep like a log until the morning.  A comfortable mattress and pillow as well as the size of bed they are sleeping in are all crucial factors.   And we know from experience that not sleeping a wink means that you get up on the wrong side of the bed!

As shut-eye is so important to the guest experience, it is key to meet all expectations.  Have guests got the bed they wanted and expected when their reserved their room?

Have a look at this comparison between American and British mattresses and swot up on all the mattress names so that you can best describe a guest’s sleeping arrangements should you be asked.

Mattress Comparison Britain vs USA

Mattress Comparisons




Finally, you have probably noticed a range of ‘sleep idioms’ in this week’s blog.  Here is a glossary to check you have understood as well as teach you any new idioms.  Enjoy and sweet dreams!

Grammar Goat Glossary 🐐: Sleep Idioms

Get your beauty sleep (idiom)  = sleep that helps you to stay beautiful and healthy.  We usually say this humorously.

✅ “Can you be quiet!  I am trying to get my beauty sleep!”

Turn in = go to bed

✅ “Wow, it’s late!  It’s time I turned in for the night!”

Hit the sack = go to bed

✅ “I’m tired.  I am going to hit the sack.  Good night!”

Go out like a light = fall asleep quickly

✅  “I was so exhausted that I went out like a light last night!”

Sleep like a log = sleep very well

✅ “How did you sleep?  I slept like a log!”

Not sleep a wink = to not sleep

✅ “I was thinking about work all night and I didn’t sleep a wink!”

Get up on the wrong side of the bed = wake up in a bad mood!

✅ “Oh dear. He is in such a bad mood. I think he got up on the wrong side of the bed!”

Shut-eye = sleep

✅ “Did you get any shut-eye last night?  I slept for 8 hours!”


Next week’s blog is all about pillows!  Different types of pillows and the adjectives we can use to describe them in order to convey to guests what they will be resting their heads on.  Pillow menus here we come! 🛌🐐