What are the advantages of online learning?



The Grammar Goat stands at the cutting edge of EdTech.  With recent advancements, a huge variety of educational technology is now available to educators.  Our online courses use state-of-the-art learning apps to curate interactive, collaborative and creative tasks, which provide valuable opportunities to share and discuss ideas in the virtual classroom.

With the virtual classroom as our blank canvas, The Grammar Goat uses the internet to paint in vibrant colours, breathing life into learning with worksheets and language resources, interactive whiteboards, podcasts, videos, collaborative quizzes, pronunciation and vocabulary games, pictures, animations and virtual tours.  The Grammar Goat is proud to be able to harness the limitless power of the internet to facilitate learning.




A wide range of online teaching tools and online learning materials means that The Grammar Goat’s online courses for hotels and hospitality businesses can cater for everyone.

Every student has a different learning style and is at a different stage of their learning journey.  Some students are visual learners, while some students learn most effectively by listening to audio.  Similarly, some students thrive in a group, and others are more productive as solo learners.

Live online classes create active learning opportunities and independent work is set as homework.  Both are personalised to create the perfect learning environment for everyone.




Online learning has the ability to reach an unlimited number of employees quickly, effortlessly and regardless of their location.

Accessibility of time and place is one of the major advantages of online learning.  The Grammar Goat’s students have the freedom to attend classes from a location of their choice.  Hotels and businesses can group employees across sites, without the restrictions of geographical boundaries.




The Grammar Goat’s courses can be used for a globally distributed workforce and ensure that all employees are aligned with the company’s brand, values, and vision.  English language and lesson content can be standardised and moulded around our clients’ businesses.




Another advantage of online learning is reduced financial costs. The Grammar Goat’s online courses are far more affordable compared to physical learning. This is because online learning eliminates the cost points of transportation and physical location, as well other expenses like food, refreshments and accommodation.




Online learning is environmentally friendly and a more sustainable way of educating.  The Grammar Goat’s online courses create a paperless learning environment, which is kinder to the planet.  Our carbon ‘hoofprint’ remains extremely low.




Online learning is flexible and convenient.  As long as you own a computer and have an internet connection, the Grammar Goat’s online courses can reach you.  Our busy students can take live lessons on a day and at a time most convenient to them.  Students can access learning resources at any time, from anywhere.  All our live lessons are recorded and are archived for absent students to catch up.  Archived course are available to our clients for future learning opportunities.