What is Collaborative Online Learning?

Online learning has undoubtedly been forced into many of our lives by the global pandemic.  Many online courses are passive, meaning that you log in, complete your exercises or watch a pre-recorded video lesson, and then log out.

So, what is ‘Collaborative Online Learning’ and how is it different?

Collaborative learning means learning through collaboration.  It is an active learning methodology which places communication at its heart.  This means students are encouraged to be busy participants in lessons.

✅ Communication is meaningful.  Students talk and write about topics which are motivating and relevant to their lives, both professionally and personally.

✅Learning aims and outcomes are negotiated between the student(s) and the teacher.

✅The learning process is dynamic; aims and outcomes are refined and redefined as the courses progress.

✅Lessons are live and either 1-1 or in small groups.

✅Lessons are suitable for students of all language levels.  Groups are levelled, when possible, according to language proficiency.

✅The use of apps and other learning platforms are encouraged.

✅It is motivating!  Motivation is the catalyst which drives the learning process, and without it, learning will ultimately fail.  Collaborative online learning motivates!

✅It is impactful and enjoyable.  Learning through collaborative tasks with peers, friends or colleagues is fun and engaging.

The Grammar Goat Online English School 🐐 delivers high quality English language courses according to a collaborative online learning approach.  Contact us today to begin your English learning journey…